Our Mission

Our mission is to empower young girls and women to walk in their Divine purpose with complete freedom. We challenge ladies from all walks of life to embrace the depth of their unique beauty-inside. We provide resources for authentic application and a platform for transparent communication.

Our Calling

We are called to be set apart and together. We believe that every single part of the body (oneness) is needed so that God’s purpose can be fulfilled on the earth. When we operate in our gifts, we give others the light to ignite their own. We don’t co-exist with competition, but celebrate one another and mourn together.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have our Gorgeous Inside work-shops for overcoming abuse, misuse, insecurity and past trauma for young girls and women across the country. We give Biblically sustained applications to the right now, no matter where one is in their journey.

Press Play

Remember that you are the star role is this everyday play that we call life. What we do in the background far outweighs what we can do in the foregrounds. Your smile, hug, story, and gift matters, which has the authority to inflict change and cause a ripple effect in the world. Join a community of ladies who understand that the mirror will always be too fickle to reflect their true beauty; We are Gorgeous Inside™.